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June 19, 2019


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Weekly Update

June 18 2019

Last Week around H-L&A

We welcomed MP Blake Richards, our party's Shadow Minister for Small Business, Export Promotion, & Tourism, to our riding on Sunday. He canvassed with us in Foxboro in the afternoon and then spoke at a reception at Corbyville’s Signal Brewery about the challenges facing small businesses in rural areas like H-L&A. I also had a chance to interview him--check out the video at the link below!



Door-knocking in Foxboro with MP Blake Richards


With my father & MP Blake Richards in Foxboro


I especially appreciated that my dad came down to join us--it was a great way to spend Father’s Day together!

With my father David Sloan 


I attended an excellent presentation by Kevin Alkenbrack, John Stinson and others at the Homelessness Symposium at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Napanee on Monday, June 17. The plan is to provide a warming shelter in Napanee again this winter. But these leaders also want to build support teams that will develop relationships with those dealing with addictions and homelessness, in order to help get them into housing and to build a better future. It was great to see several landlords at the meeting, and one of the excellent initiatives going forward is to create a stronger partnership with this group. It is clear that landlords in Napanee are concerned about the housing and homelessness crisis--they know both the need and the risks & challenges, and they will be part of the solution. I learned a lot about the challenges Napanee is facing, but also about the amazing commitment, skills and heart of this beautiful community.

With John Stinson (L) and Kevin Alkenbrack (R) at the Napanee Homelessness Symposium


I recently had the honour of presenting a donation on behalf of Kaufmann, Dockrill and Associates, P.C. at a military golf tournament near Stirling. This event was a fundraiser for Camp Trillium--great cause!


Camp Trillium benefit golf tournament in Stirling



Meet one of our fantastic volunteers - Penny Amos

Penny tells us, “I’m an Air Force veteran and it was during this time in the military that I met my wife and Army veteran, Brigitte. We are the proud mamas of two dogs and have fond memories of dearly departed pups who enriched our lives greatly.” 

Penny is now a Corrections Officer with Corrections Canada.  She started volunteering in 2014 with the Progressive Conservative Party and continued her volunteer work in 2015 with the Conservative Party of Canada, in 2018 with the Progressive Conservatives and is currently volunteering to help elect Derek in H-L&A this October! 

She says she is volunteering on this campaign because it is the most important election in her life time. Thanks, Penny for standing up and serving our country in so many ways--we are honoured to have you work with us! 


Campaign electSloan volunteer Penny Amos

Penny Amos proudly standing with a WW II veteran of the Italian Campaign

Update from the national Party

We are very excited about the coming months of the campaign, partly because the Party is now beginning to release more specifics on the Conservative platform.

In a series of speeches called “My Vision for Canada,” Andrew Scheer has addressed Foreign Policy, the Economy, Immigration and Confederation. And this week, on June 19, he will release the Conservative plan for the Environment. Looking forward to hearing a practical, effective and positive plan! We’ll be posting links to the speech and analysis on our Facebook page.

In his “My Vision” speech on the economy, Andrew says,

“You know, I’m often asked what is the biggest difference between Conservatives and Liberals when it comes to the economy.

That’s an important question to me, and as I prepared to give this speech, I really wanted to answer it the best I could.

So as you can imagine, I consulted a lot of the books you may be familiar with, going back to Adam Smith, and all the tomes and all the intellectual thought that goes into trying to answer that question.

Litigating in great detail all the intellectual nuances of both Conservative and Liberal economic theory.

But I thought I’d save you some time and not go through all that, because I kept coming back to essentially the same point.

Liberals put their faith in government. Conservatives put their faith in people.

It really is that simple.”

You can watch or read more of this excellent speech here: https://myvisionforcanada.ca/economy

Canvassing this week

We’ll be canvassing in Marmora on Sunday from 2:00 to 5:00. We will meet at Sacred Heart School, 50 Bursthall St. No experience is necessary; we will give you training on our simple canvassing strategy, and you will be paired up with an experienced campaigner. All are welcome! Email us at info@electSloan.ca if you can join us.



As many of you know, H-L&A is considered a “swing riding” as it was won by only a few hundred votes in 2015. We are very confident we will turn it blue this fall--but we need all hands on deck in order to do so!

We have secured campaign office space in Napanee and the office will open right after Canada Day--stay tuned! Of course there will be lots of office volunteer positions available; email us at info@electSloan.ca if you're interested in helping with the campaign. We have a job for every skill set - there is a lot to be done!



As always, we are grateful for your support for this Campaign and we will keep working together to spread our positive Conservative vision for Canada and for Hastings—Lennox & Addington. Donations of any amount are always welcome: When you give to our local Conservative association (up to the 2019 max. of $1600), that money stays right here in HLA, and up to 75% of your donation could be eligible for a tax credit on your 2019 tax return. We can accept donations from Canadian individuals only (not from corporations or businesses). Cheques should be made payable to H-L&A Conservative Association and sent to PO Box 111, Madoc, Ontario, K0K 2K0. We cannot accept cash or credit card information through the mail; however, you can donate online at: www.electsloan.ca/donate.


Join the Victory Club!

To reach our goal of being election-ready, we are launching Victory Club, a program that will go a long way towards reaching our fundraising target and will give us the necessary tools to run a successful campaign. Our target can be reached if only 250 people donate $400. A $400 donation costs you only $100 out-of-pocket after the generous tax credit! And remember, every eligible member of your household can donate separately and join our Victory Club. We recently had a husband and wife donate $400 each--$800 for the campaign and only $200 out-of-pocket for them! See below for donation info.

Follow us on social media!

We are sharing information about our campaign on social media with news and timely updates on the campaign activities and events, as well as communications from our party and our leader, Andrew Scheer. Follow us and share our content with your friends! You can stay up-to-date on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ElectSloanHLA on Twitter at https://twitter.com/DerekSloanCPC, and on Instagram at .



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