Campaign Update Sept. 20

September 21, 2019

Campaign Update--10 days in!

Since the writs were issued on Sept. 11, Campaign ElectSloan has been putting up signs and knocking on doors all across beautiful Hastings-Lennox & Addington!  We’re so thankful for hardworking volunteers that have been building frames and pounding in stakes!

If you want a sign for your property, email us at, or order one online at

Derek with Dobby--a very cute and tiny supporter!

Enjoyed a quick road trip up to Bancroft on Wednesday--as always, a beautiful drive and great conversations.

Stopped in on Bancroft business owner Vaughn Lloyd of Whitfield Climate Care this past week– thanks for sharing the unique challenges and opportunities facing businesses in the northern part of our riding.

Last Tuesday, I was happy to stop in and talk with Napanee’s 88.7 MyFM as part of their “Meet-the-Candidate” series. Busy and very exciting week!

Returning offices are open and YOU CAN VOTE for Derek now.
There are no printed ballots yet, but you can write "Derek Sloan" on the ballot.
Listed below are the addresses, phone numbers & hours of the returning offices in H-L&A.

If you prefer to wait for the official advance polls, they will be open in various locations across the riding on Oct 11,12,13,14, from 9:00am to 9:00pm.

Those Advance polling locations will be available after October 2 on Elections Canada's website here:

Click on this link for info on required ID for voting.…

Elections Canada can also provide you with more information on voter eligibility.

I hope to meet every one of you over the course of the campaign!  If you’d like to learn a bit more about me, and why I’m running, check out, and please share this with your friends.


Our Napanee office at 21 Dundas Street W is up and running! We will be open Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Drop in to say hello to our wonderful office manager Karen Hampel and our team of volunteers!

During the election campaign, our Marmora location (1 Forsythe St.) will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays to serve voters in Hastings County, and we will also be spending time in Bancroft on Wednesdays.


On the Trail this week

We'll be canvassing in multiple locations next week - if you can help, email us at or call us at (343) 645-5492. No experience is necessary; we will give you training on our simple canvassing strategy, and you will be paired up with an experienced campaigner. All are welcome, and remember, “Victory is Knocking”! We are also starting our telephone canvassing campaign–if you can help us by phoning prospective supporters, please contact us.

Join our fantastic team!

We’d love to have you join us, helping H-L&A to get ahead! This is crucial to turning this riding blue in October.  We need door canvassers, phone canvassers, lawn sign distributers (we need one in each municipality), election day & advance poll scrutineers and volunteer drivers.  This is a winnable riding, but we will only succeed with an army of volunteers!  To sign up, drop by our Napanee office (21 Dundas St. W.), email us at, call 343-645-5492 or sign up online at  

Help us get our message out!

It's important that friends and supporters of our campaign and our party spread the news about what we are doing. As the election gets closer, it becomes increasingly challenging to cut through the noise in the press and social media. You can help us by following our campaign on social media and reposting our material on your own accounts so your followers get our message. You can also help make sure our side is heard in the debate by writing letters to the editor in your local press. If you do write something or see something in local media that we can share, email us a link at

Help us meet people in your community!

Starting in September, I'll be travelling around the riding, holding "meet & greets" in as many communities as I can. You can help!  If you would like to host a small get-together to provide an opportunity for me to meet your friends and neighbours, or know a place in your community where we can meet local residents, send us an email at


Update from the national party

It’s time for you to get ahead!  Watch this mini-documentary on why these words are so important to our Conservative leader, Andrew Scheer.

Participation in fitness and sports has physical, mental & social benefits for kids: a Conservative government will make that possible for more families!

Parents can claim up to $1000 per child for expenses related to fitness or sports activities; parents with children with disabilities can claim an additional $500 per child.

A Conservative government will also encourage kids to participate in activities like music lessons, language training, art classes & tutoring. Under a policy announced by Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, parents will be able to claim up to $500 per child for expenses related to arts and educational activities, and parents of children with disabilities can claim double the amount, up to $1,000 per child.

More tax relief!  We know that 46% of Canadians are only $200 away from insolvency each month.  An across-the-board tax cut (as much as $850) being planned by the Conservatives will benefit everyone--with the largest benefit going to those who earn less than $47,630 per year. 


More good news for parents!  A Conservative government will boost the RESP grant, making it easier for parents to save for college and university training.


In another move that will restore fairness and put more money in your pocket, a new Conservative government will cancel hundreds of millions of dollars in corporate welfare, and instead put that money in Canadians’ pockets so they can get ahead.
The Trudeau Liberals’ list of corporate welfare handouts is a long one...
o $18 million to a private jet airport, which was only cancelled because of media attention
o $12 million taxpayer dollars to purchase fridges for Loblaws (net 2018 earnings: $719 million)
o Two multi-million loan write-offs for the Irving family, one of Canada’s wealthiest
o $40 million for Blackberry (The company’s CEO even said they didn’t need it)
o $49 million for Canada-Kuwait Petrochemical
o $20 million of a $743 million project by Maple Leaf Foods
o $35 million for Nova Chemicals, announced at Davos with no results
o $4.5 billion dollar Kinder Morgan pipeline nationalization
o $72 million to Canadian National and Titanium Corp for clean technology upgrades (which companies would have to pay for themselves under our Conservative environment plan)
o And many more…


Keep an eye out for new promotions unveiling the Conservative campaign and platform for this election. Conservatives will focus on policies that will put more money in your pocket and that will help ordinary Canadians. The SNC-Lavalin scandal has highlighted Mr. Trudeau’s focus on helping Liberal insiders, and on punishing those who criticize his actions: it’s time for a Conservative government that works for you, and helps you get ahead!

Two more very positive measures announced this week: an Age Benefit to help seniors and a pledge to reduce wait times by investing $1.5 billion in new medical imaging equipment such as MRI and CT machines. So glad to be part of a team that respects you, and your tax dollars!

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We are sharing information about our campaign on social media with news and timely updates on the campaign activities and events, as well as communications from our party and our leader, Andrew Scheer. Follow us and share our content with your friends! You can stay up-to-date on our Facebook page, on Twitter at, and on Instagram at

Join the Victory Club!      

We are thrilled to announce that we now have over 50 Victory Club members!!  Join us today to help us reach our next level target of 100 members.                                                    

Victory Club is a program that goes a long way towards reaching our fundraising target and giving us the necessary tools to run a successful campaign. Our target can be reached if only 250 people donate $400.  A $400 donation costs you only $100 out-of-pocket after the generous tax credit! And remember, every eligible member of your household can donate separately and join our Victory Club. We recently had a husband and wife donate $400 each--$800 for the campaign and only $200 out-of-pocket for them! See below for donation info.



As always, we are grateful for your support for this Campaign and we will keep working together to spread our positive Conservative vision for Canada and for Hastings—Lennox & Addington. Donations of any amount are always welcome: When you give to our local Conservative association (up to the 2019 max. of $1600), that money stays right here in HLA, and up to 75% of your donation could be eligible for a tax credit on your 2019 tax return. 


We can accept donations from Canadian individuals only (not from corporations or businesses). Cheques should be made payable to Derek Sloan Campaign and sent to PO Box 111, Madoc, Ontario, K0K 2K0. We cannot accept cash or credit card information through the mail; however, you can donate online at:


With thanks,

Derek Sloan